Shining the Light of Christ in Northeast Nebraska

Join us this Sunday at 10AM for worship, fellowship and solid biblical preaching. Our church building is located at 214 Main Street in Walthill, Nebraska. Our 7PM Tuesday Bible Study is answering the question, “What is Revival?” We would love to have you fellowship with us!

Watch the biblically sound and statistic packed Alcohol series now.

Giving and Donations

There are many opportunities and needs around this area, yet the Lord has blessed us financially and spiritually for both. He is truly our provider.

Also, we are currently fundraising for our new church building. We have currently outgrown the building we have now. While there has been much resistance, the Lord has been pulling us through.

If you would like to participate with us using a tithe or donation, we would be very grateful.

Preaching the Word of God

We are greatly blessed to have Pastor Paul Malcomson as our shepherd here at LOTW. Feel free to watch, listen or download sermons.

It is Time for an Intelligence Briefing – Part 6

It is Time for an Intelligence Briefing – Part 6

What is Revival? – Part 5

What is Revival? – Part 5

The beginning of our Bible Study Series on Anointing – Watch now.

Greater Is He – Part 1

Greater Is He – Part 1

1st John 4:4b KJV states: “...because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” What an often quoted biblical statement. I wonder if it has not become more of a cliché than recognized as a powerful truth. Do we really recognize what great truths are...

Our Blog

Do you need spiritual encouragement? Or maybe you want more details to a specific event that took place here at LOTW? Either way, we have have had some contributors that have invested their time and effort to writing these blogs up, so please feel free to read them.

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