1st John 4:4b KJV states: “…because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

What an often quoted biblical statement. I wonder if it has not become more of a cliché than recognized as a powerful truth. Do we really recognize what great truths are involved in this statement by John? I know I didn’t until I started studying the verse to write an earlier composition for a blog. (Never liked any of them.) And now I believe that the Lord has given me deeper insights that are a “WOW”.

I believe, that for myself (and it is probably true for others) the key words that jump out at me are the words “greater” and “in me”. What a great statement of power and victory. Let’s examine it closer: The word “he” is referring to the Spirit of God. This Spirit of God that is in you (us/me). What does Jesus mean by “in you”? That’s right, we received the Spirit when we accepted Jesus as our Savior. What does that mean to you that you received the Spirit? Where in you does that Spirit exist? Does it exist in some unknown special area and shows up when we have a special need or emergency? We need to recognize that when we received Jesus as our Savior we received the Spirit. But He did not go to some unknown area, He went into the whole of us. We are completely filled with the Spirit – every nook and cranny. So greater is He that occupies the TOTAL of you – the new person you, the saved you – “than he that is in the world.” Think about that. For there are some real interesting concepts associated with that total occupancy by the Spirit of God.