In Memory of Pastor James McConnell

James McConnell was Paul Malcomson’s pastor back in Northern Ireland. Pastor McConnell passed away back in 2021, and he is missed greatly by many men and women. The ministry God called McConnell into years ago continues to go on today; Paul Malcomson is one of those many pastors born out of his faithful ministry. Pastor McConnell is resting at peace in heaven with Jesus, and the Work of God goes on!

(Pastor Paul Malcomson shares some memories of his pastor, James McConnell. This tribute was made on July 18th, 2021.)

Pastor McConnell preaches at our Walthill Tent Revival in Nebraska (2016)

Pastor McConnell visits Nebraska (2016)

Pastor McConnell preaches at C.R.U. hosted at Wayne State College, NE (2016)

Pastor McConnell preaches at Good News Church (a.k.a Glad Tidings Church) in Omaha, NE (2016)

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