Children’s Ministry

God’s Army

Every Wednesday (during the school season) we have our children’s ministry named God’s Army. It is for children K-6th grade and is located in Walthill from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Kids come together to worship, pray, learn from God’s word, eat and have fun! The goal for the God’s Army leaders is to nurture children in the ways of Christ. We don’t tell them being a Christian is easy. It takes effort, but God gives the grace to make right choices in a world that is so focused on self. And the children freely request prayer for things in their lives. They learn that the Bible is not just full of fairy tales, but full of facts and is alive!

It is possible for children to love Jesus and to serve Him.

Jenny (Pastor Paul’s wife) and her son listening to a story during God’s Army (2019).

It is a joy to see children whom are excited about the things of God. They are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today. Children want to serve. And too often, they are pushed aside and told, “When you’re bigger you may participate.” We think this is wrong; so they are involved in worship, prayer, studying the bible, and outreach.

Every quarter, God’s Army loads up on a big yellow school bus to visit a nearby nursing home; to bring worship, God’s presence, and encouragement to those living there. And at the end of the school year, we celebrate with a family picnic and the children are recognized for reaching their goals for memory devotionals.

Besides the God’s Army group on Wednesday: the children are made to feel a part of Sunday Morning Worship. And occasionally, Pastor Paul will ask the children to testify. Once a month, Miss. Rita will bring an interactive devotion to the children before the sermon is preached. It is so exciting to belong to God’s Army!

Address: 214 Main Street Walthill, Nebraska 68067