Pastor Paul Malcomson

Pastor Paul was born in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. He was raised in a Christian home with faithful parents. Both of his parents had gone to Bible school and were in full-time ministry before he was born. His father served as a Pastor in both England and Scotland. This had a big impact upon him in his younger years.

However, as Paul grew older, he began to run from God. At the age of 19, he became a police officer in Northern Ireland, which at the time was considered to be the most dangerous place in the world to be a police officer, due to the terrorist conflict in the country. During his time in the police, it seemed that Paul had everything a young man could want: plenty of money, an active life, a keen sportsman, a satisfying career, and a beautiful girlfriend. But for Paul, there was an emptiness inside that no one or nothing could fill. Being a police officer in Northern Ireland, the thought of death was constantly there. Many of Paul’s colleagues in the force were being killed. A thought that would often ring in the back of Paul’s mind was: “If this was my last day, where would I go?”

After the passing of his father, and at the age of 26, Pastor Paul encountered Christ. After 10 years of running from God, Paul cried out to God, “If you will take away every sin I have ever done and if you will give me a home in heaven forever then I will do anything for you.” This was a promise to God that Paul has kept to this day. From that moment, Pastor Paul began serving the Lord, and has been in ministry now for over 25 years.

Paul, Jen, Daniel, Rebecca, Luke

(Malcomson Family Picture, Christmas 2022)

Paul was married at 39, became a dad at 40, and became a full-time pastor at 41. He has two boys (Daniel and Luke) and one daughter (Rebekah). In September of 2007, Pastor Paul Malcomson and his family moved from their home in Northern Ireland to Walthill, Nebraska. Together and armed with nothing more than the Spirit of God and the Word of God, they helped pioneer a church on the Omaha Indian Reservation. Pastor Paul has often said, “If you want to be popular, they say there are two occupations you don’t want to do: (1) Become a police office, and (2) Become a preacher. Well I must be crazy because I chose to make a life of both.”

Currently Pastor Paul serves as lead Pastor at Light of the World Gospel Ministries. The vision laid upon his heart from the beginning is still going strong today, “To faithfully present the truth of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can. To expect God to save everyone that comes through the doors of this church. To build genuine disciples that make an impact in their communities and in the world, and to populate the front row of heaven.”