Meet Our Staff

Congregation Leaders

Pastor Paul expects, “God to save everyone that comes through the doors of this church.” His service us uplifting.

Paul Malcomson


Steve is amazed to see the power of Jesus Christ change young men and women at Youth Camp each year.

Steve Engelhart

Board Member

Kyle is honored to be the Elder here at Light of the World Gospel Ministries. We are encouraged by his leadership.



Lance’s vision is to see revival, not only in our communities, but throughout the world.

Lance Anderson


Youth Leader

Megan is very excited for what Christ is going to continue to accomplish in our communities.

Megan Stansberry

Youth Leader

Tweenies Leaders

Tami ministers unto the Tweenies so they can see a godly perspective when transitioning into High School.

Tami Rogers

Tweenies Leader

Jaeliesa is so thankful for God’s grace. She faithfully runs the media computer.

Jaeliesa Switzer

Worship, Youth & Tweenies Leader; Media Computer Operator

As one of our Tweenies leaders and van drivers, Les is thrilled to see the power of God perform the impossible.

Les Hinze

Transport Driver; Tweenies Leader

Children Leaders

Kari is currently the head leader of our God’s Army Children’s Ministry. She is an amazing director!

Kari Athey

Children Leader

Rita ministers unto the children in so many ways, whether that is cooking, teaching, or showing God’s love.

Rita Gomez

Victual Cook; Children Leader

Transportation Team

Ron is one of our Van Drivers. And he is overflowing with joy to see who God really is and what He will do next!

Ron Anderson

Maintenace Team; Transport Driver

Mike is currently one of our active members and is always praising the Lord for His goodness and grace.

Michael Brown

Transport Driver

Media Team

Curtis manages our Facebook page, and is on our Building Committee. He is encouraged to see Jesus save sinners.

Curtis Boschult

Facebook Manager

Cindy has made an immeasurable impact on the Media Team, and continues to assist behind the scenes.

Cindy Englehart

Media Team Assistant; Church Helper

AJ is one of our Sermon Video Editors. His endurance is outstanding! We praise God for his service.

AJ Keller

Sermon Video Editor

Peter hosts our Monuments of Grace podcast. His heart is to accomplish the wonderful work of God, day by day.

Peter Mutayoba

Podcast Host

Jamie is our official photographer. She is so grateful for Jesus and His people taking her under their wing.

Jamie Brown


Ministry Leaders

Lisa leads our Women’s Ministry, & is one of our Recording Operators. She’s been here since our church founding.

Lisa B.

Women's Ministry Leader

Background Staff

A former atheist, Aaron is now a born again Christian. He is eager to see where God moves next.

Aaron Brown


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