Steve Engelhart

Board Member

Steve is one of the board members here at LOTW. He helps with preparing the items necessary for Youth Camp. And he is amazed to see the power of Jesus Christ change the youth at Youth Camp every year. He also helps “Behind the Scenes” here at our church, which makes him a huge support!

Two things he really enjoys are hunting and trapping, so he tries to share his passion with others. In July of 2017, he hosted a Hunt For Jesus right outside of Walthill and assisted Daniel with our Kayaking Trip we had in August of 2019.

Kyle & Rita Gomez

(Steve and Pastor Paul at Congregational Baptism)

About Steve and His Wife

Steve and Cindy Englehart

Steve & Cindy Englehart lived in Wisner, Nebraska, and in the beginning of 2001 they began attending a house Bible Study with Pat Phillips, an Omaha Native Tribe Member. Pat’s prayer request was for “A man of God from here in the U.S. or overseas to come to the Omaha Indian Reservation and serve her people the True Gospel.” For 4 years Steve, Cindy, and Pat Phillips  prayed in agreement. Then, God answered their prayers and sent Pastor Paul Malcomson from Northern Ireland.

Neither Steve, Cindy, or Walthill has been the same ever since. In 2005 God led both Steve & Cindy to sell their business and downsize their belongings. And ever since November 2007 when Light of the World Gospel Ministries opened it’s doors for the first time,  Steve & Cindy have continued being part of the church. In December 2009 God gave them a house (free and clear) in Walthill, and they officially got moved in February 2010. In the past, this decision would not have been made.

Steve & Cindy were led by God to come to Walthill to be servants for Light of the World Gospel Ministries and to help Pastor Paul Malcomson in any way possible. These days Steve & Cindy continue to help in many tasks “behind the scenes” as God leads them at Light of The World Gospel Ministries.

God has blessed Steve & Cindy in so many ways and they have witnessed too many miracles to list. They are excited to see the future of the church and where God leads them next (James 1:2).