Every Wednesday night from kids 6th-8th grade meet in Walthill to worship, pray, learn from God’s Word, have fun, and make lasting relationships. We start out each week by doing worship, then we share praise reports and prayer requests. Then a thought provoking story or two is usually shared by a leader. Towards the end we have a lesson and a craft. And when it’s over, food is served.

One of the kids favorite song is, “They’ll Know we are Christians by our Love.” And this is the goal of Tweenies. No matter what the circumstances are, we will always let our light shine! Our reaction will always be with love, because God loves us unconditionally – our goal is to follow in His footsteps.

A major focus of Tweenies is the importance of God’s Word and how it is our GPS for daily living. This age can be difficult for students because there are a lot of different influences all around them. It is important that they be grounded in the Word.

(Tweenies Group [table], Tami Leader [standing])

By learning about the character of God and His promises, we are equipping the kids to become ambassadors for Christ as they go through middle school.

Our motto is “God’s Not Dead”. He is alive and we want to share that at home, in school, and everywhere else we go!